What Happened to Supreme Patty?

February 5, 2024

Patrick Wallace better known as Supreme Patty is a social media influencer who has amassed a large following on TikTok and Instagram for his short comedy sketches. His videos have made him an international sensation and have garnered celebrity endorsements. While it is easy to label him as immature and annoying, we can learn a lot from his success.

In his videos, he has acted like an idiot, poured hot sauce in his eyes, sneezed in a stranger's face and even got his teeth bleached to look movie star quality. He is a natural at getting people to click on his content. His rambunctious personality and unique ideas have given him the edge over his competition.

He also has a way of connecting with other Instagram celebrities which gets him free exposure to their audience. He has collaborated with many of them and this has helped him grow his follower count. He is not afraid to take risks and be different which makes him interesting to follow.

Recently, things got heated between Lil Xan and Supreme Patty at a club in Florida and they started throwing drinks and punches. The situation was quickly diffused but this shows that Supreme Patty is willing to go to extreme lengths for his fame.

In his latest video, he has shown his bloody and raw face which has caused many fans to worry about his health. He has not yet responded to the concerns of his followers but we can expect him to do so in due course.


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