What Happened To Suzanne Sevakis Sisters?

February 10, 2024

What Happened To Suzanne Sevakis Sisters?

Probably the most disturbing part of Netflix’s new true-crime doc Girl In The Picture was learning about how Suzanne Sevakis’ younger sister was kidnapped by her stepfather. The show explained that Suzanne’s mother Sandi Chipman had three children: Alison and Amy, as well as a son named Phillip Brandenburg. When she served 30 days in prison for writing a bad check, Chipman’s husband Franklin Delano Floyd seized the two daughters and her child, and took them with him. He raised her, changing her name to Sharon Marshall and later to Tonya Hughes.

According to Forensic Magazine, Phillip was listed as a missing person until 2020 when he submitted his DNA for analysis. It was revealed that he is Suzanne’s half-brother.

In addition to her brother, Suzanne also had two half-sisters, Allison and Amy Sevakis, who were born to Sandra’s second husband Clifford Sevakis. Both sisters appear on the show and have been living in Virginia.

As for Sandy, she doesn’t have much of a presence online, but The Girl In The Picture was able to nab her for an interview. She said that she and her daughter, Megan Dufresne, have a lot of anger to process after watching the documentary.

The show explains that Sandy separated from Cliff for financial reasons and eventually met a man named Clifford Sevakis at a church, where he offered to help her with her daughters. Unfortunately, the relationship wasn’t successful and Clifford died in Vietnam, leaving her to raise their daughters on her own.


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