What Happened to Sven Computer?

March 7, 2023

What happened to sven computer?

Since July 19th, sven computer has been missing from Louder with Crowder Universe without any explanation. Fans have been left wondering where he went and whether he has left to focus on his personal life. Some people even thought that he could have been fired from the show. However, neither Steven Crowder nor Jared Monroe have spoken up on this matter.

Sven Computer was owed $10k in unpaid wages by the show, and it was tearing the crew apart, according to social media posts.

The crew members were reportedly unable to work because of the dispute. The staff was also afraid to speak out on sven computer because of the NDA that is in place.

The news outlet KARE-TV decided to fire Sven Sundgaard because of his inflammatory posts that had been shared on Facebook, the St Paul Pioneer Press reports. Sven, who was a meteorologist for the channel, was fired after sharing a post that compared those protesting stay-at-home coronavirus lockdowns to Nazi sympathisers and gun fetishists. This is in contrast to the views of those in the crowd, which were more in line with a sane, responsible and compassionate approach to the situation.


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