What Happened to Talia and Alissa on Dr Phil Update 2020

July 29, 2023

Identical twin sisters Talia and Alissa say that they are addicted to heroin and there is nothing they won't do to fund their habit. Including stealing from their family, the 21-year-old girls have been convicted of dozens of misdemeanors in their lifetime. They were one of the most popular guests on the show, but now they have left the spotlight and their fate is unknown.

The twins were very open about their heroin addiction on the show and even narrated some of their trivial wrongdoings in order to get money for drugs. Their story of heroin compulsion and petty crimes to obtain cash shocked the audience. They have been in and out of recovery centers and detoxes but were unable to stay long enough to sustain the change.

Talia and Alissa were born to parents Renee and Jackie. The girls had a rough childhood but they are now trying to turn things around. Despite their current situation, they have not given up on their dream of becoming professional models. They are currently attending a fashion institute and hoping to become successful in the industry.

Talia and Alissa are also avid social media users who keep their followers updated on their daily activities. They regularly post pictures of their work and lifestyle on their Instagram accounts. The twins are also known for their philanthropic activities as they frequently donate to charity organizations. This shows that they are still very much active and passionate about their lives in spite of the challenges.


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