What Happened to Tara on Tough As Nails?

September 10, 2023

What Happened to tara on tough as nails

This week, the teams in CBS' new competition series Tough as Nails were challenged at a junk yard. The Savage Crew team and Dirty Hands went head-to-head in a series of tasks that tested the brain and brawn. Mikey (aka Eyebrows) suffered a bad slip and fall, but he was a total trooper and got right back to work. In an overtime challenge, Swifty and Tara had to untangle line buoys and stack 4 of them on a rack. Swifty took the lead, but cramped up trying to put the last rope back inside a box, which allowed Tara to catch up and take the win.

The loser in the overtime would have to clock out so to speak, but host Phil Keoghan revealed that Mikey was actually disqualified for breaking rules off-camera, rather than being officially eliminated from the show.


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