What Happened to Tayler Holder?

March 21, 2024

What Happened to tayler holder

Tayler Holder rose to fame on TikTok for his entertaining lip-syncing videos. The social media star became a household name and gained millions of followers. He also started to post longer videos on YouTube and Instagram. The Texas native was born on August 19, 1997, in Alvarado, Johnson County. He is the son of businessman Monte Holder and homemaker Wendy Holder. He has one sibling, Trever Holder, who is also a popular TikTok celebrity.

In February 2022, Tayler Holder experienced a backlash from the public and his friends after multiple sexual assault allegations emerged. The allegations are still under investigation and the victims have not spoken publicly about the incidents. Holder was removed from the TikTok collective Hype House, and a number of influencers distanced themselves from him. The influencer also sent cease and desist letters to several of his friends who threw accusations at him.

After addressing the situation in a podcast episode, Holder slammed those who spread false allegations. He said that people need to stop listening to baseless rumors. In the same video, he also addressed the drama with his fellow influencers.

Some of his peers who have distanced themselves from him include Josh Richards, Jordan Jones, Mian Twins, Jaden Hossler, and Bryce Hall. Despite the accusations, the star insists that he is innocent. He also claims that he is moving away from TikTok and moving towards music. The former social media sensation has a smooth, R&B sound that is sure to appeal to many fans.


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