What Happened to Taylor in the Vanished?

July 12, 2023

When 10-year-old Taylor disappears during a camping trip, her parents Paul and Wendy take matters into their own hands. After receiving little to no help from local authorities, they become obsessed with finding her. They suspect everyone in the campground and embark on a relentless hunt for her. Throughout the movie, there are plenty of twists and turns, but nothing is more shocking than the film’s final reveal.

What Happened to Taylor in The Vanished?

When the Michaelsons lose sight of their daughter at their lakeside RV camp, they frantically try to find her. They report her missing to the police, and sheriff Baker initiates a thorough investigation, which is complicated by escaped prison inmates, survival campers, and other sketchy characters. The search is made even more difficult when the sheriff discovers that a photo Booker found of the couple shows Wendy pregnant, and he cannot figure out how their daughter is only 10 years old in the picture.

At one point, the sheriff suspects that the Michaelsons killed their daughter. He gets in touch with Paul’s brother, who reveals that the couple suffered severe trauma when Taylor died, and they have been experiencing shared psychotic episodes ever since, known as Folie a deux. It is then revealed that Taylor never disappeared from the campground, she actually drowned six years ago. Despite this, the couple continued to pretend that she was still alive in order to cope with their loss.


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