What Happened to Team Archon?

July 29, 2023

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A couple of days ago it came to light that a girl who worked on Jason “Amaz” Chan’s Archon Team League finals was forced into a hot tub against her will with players who participated in the tournament. This is a massive accusation and one that will surely shake the hearthstone esports community.

Firebat is a big name in the community as well and he was on the founding roster of team archon alongside other top level players. He won Blizzcon 2014 and had strong tournament finishes ever since. So losing him is a huge blow to the organization.

The story behind what happened to team archon starts back in February and March of 2015. Amaz and Kaskel were brainstorming about different types of tournament formats as they saw viewership for hearthstone events on twitch plateauing.

They came up with a tournament format that combined a day of constructed competition and another with an arena-like format and they were excited about it. It seemed like it could be something that could get people to come out in droves to watch.

That dream turned sour. They started getting questions about the prize pool and sponsors began to pull out. By the time the tournament had gotten going, it was obvious that the team wasn’t in control anymore and things spiraled out of their hands.


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