What Happened to Terry's Son on Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance?

July 12, 2023

On Wednesday night’s episode of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance, former Survivor contestant Terry Deitz was voted out after a family medical emergency. Terry, who competed on the 12th season of the show and also in Survivor: Panama, was woken up in the middle of the night by Jeff Probst with the news that his son Danny had been seriously ill and had to be hospitalized. Danny required a heart transplant, and the family decided it was best for Terry to leave immediately to be by his side.

The rest of the castaways reacted with shock and sadness, as many saying they would do the same in their position. Kelly Wiglesworth said she would swim home, and Ciera Eastin admitted that her kids come first. Joe Anglim admits that he’d be disappointed, but that the game isn’t the most important thing in life.

EW reached out to a number of Survivor alumni about their experience in the current season and what they’ve been up to since filming ended. Check back every weekday for an update from a different former player.


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