What Happened To The b96 Morning Show?

September 8, 2023

Radio listeners in Phoenix and Chicago may have noticed something different on the airwaves lately. It seems that the b96 morning show is going through some changes.

In recent months, the radio station has seen its ratings decline in both markets. It seems that fans aren’t responding to the new lineup. The company has decided to let go of a number of hosts. Joey Boy Rodriguez has left the Chicago based Morning Mess to return to Phoenix and is taking mornings on Live 101.5. Aneesh Ratan, Jeana Shepard and Karla Hernandez will continue to host the show for the time being.

What Happened To b96 Morning Show

In the last PPM rankings, the show finished in 25th place. This means that there’s a lot of work to do in order for the show to improve its standings. One thing that might be happening soon is the re-hiring of Gabe Ramirez.

Ramirez joined the team in 2008 and is also a sports contributor for Fox 32 News. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in economics and behavioral communication.

He worked alongside Nina Hajian for a few years, but she left in August of 2021. She’s been quiet on social media and hasn’t said anything about her departure. It’s possible that she’s just on vacation or something. However, she recently posted a picture on Instagram that indicated she’s buying a home. This would make sense as she’s been a regular on the show for a while and her co-host has already moved out of their shared condo.


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