What Happened to the Brooke and Jubal Show?

August 24, 2023

Jubal Fresh has reportedly left his job as the co-host of Brooke and Jubal show. According to an article by Radio + Television Business Report, the comedian jumped off the program in early 2020. Neither the show or its producer have commented on why he left. However, it’s believed that there were some creative differences between him and the producers.

The Brooke and Jubal Show debuted in 2011 on Movin 92.5 Seattle. It was a popular morning show that featured comedian Jubal Fresh and longtime radio host Brooke Fox. The show’s format included comical segments such as Phone Tap and Second Date. Alex Fresh, the wife of Jubal and a former member of the show’s crew, often joined the hosts.

As a member of the Brooke and Jubal team, she was a great addition to the show’s cast. She brought a fresh perspective to the discussion of various topics, and her light-hearted demeanor was a welcome change from the sombre mood of many other morning shows. However, she was never a mainstay on the show.

While the show’s other hosts are incredibly funny, the biggest drawback of the Brooke and Jubal Show is Jeffrey Dubow’s lack of natural humor. He tries too hard to be funny, and he can end up sounding awkward or even cringe-worthy in some of his segments. He also has trouble with pronunciation and grammar, which can make his commentary difficult to follow. In addition, he sometimes overplays his prank calls and can come across as annoying or obnoxious.


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