What Happened to the Brown Family After Billy Died?

April 1, 2024

For 13 seasons, millions of viewers have watched the Alaskan Bush People family — patriarch Billy and his seven children Matt, Joshua (aka Bam Bam), Bear, Gabe, Noah, Birdy, and Rainy — carve out their life off-grid in the wilds of Palmer Mountain. Despite many challenges, the family has stayed strong and united through tragedy, moments of doubt, and joy.

Sadly, tragedy struck the Browns in 2021 when they lost their patriarch in a sudden seizure. During the latest episode of the show, his family mourns him while also preparing to rebuild and reopen North Star Ranch. While fans may have been left saddened by the heartbreaking event, they are surely happy to see that the family has moved on from their dark days and is still working hard to live out their dreams.

However, that doesn't mean the family isn't facing a new set of hardships. As Radar reports, the family is dealing with a lawsuit by Dr. Robert Maughon, who claims he invested money in the show and that Billy failed to pay him back. The suit is demanding $500,000, which seems like a lot of cash to ask for, but the family has fought back.

Regardless of what's in store for the future, the Browns aren't giving up on their dream of a life off-the-grid and have made it clear that they plan to keep on filming for as long as possible. In the meantime, you can find them all over social media where they share photos of their homestead, updates on their kids, and other exciting activities.


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