What Happened to the Elk and Elk Brothers?

September 10, 2023

What Happened to the Elk and Elk Brothers

With an image that has become synonymous with Cleveland personal injury law, Arthur and David Elk have built one of the region's most successful firms. The duo, whose Elk & Elk ads are on nearly every print and television commercial in Northeast Ohio, are now in the process of passing the firm onto the next generation.

The Elk brothers were not the only ones to find themselves in the midst of a legal case this week. A lawyer in Florida was involved in a bizarre case involving a missing teenager and an SUV filled with frozen meat and raw chicken.

Merle and Watson, Grandfather Mountain's resident elk, are quite vocal when it comes to feeding time each day. The 650-pound cervids will often signal their excitement by making chirping noises. Their favorite foods include bananas, bell peppers and persimmons. During the rut, or mating season, elk emit a loud sound called bugling, which can have several purposes, from attracting females to defending territory.

A friend of Arthur Elk's son recently sued him, seeking damages for a 2002 accident in which the teenager was injured while riding an all-terrain vehicle on his property. The suit claimed that the boy was under the influence of alcohol at the time and that Elk failed to warn him about the dangers of operating an ATV. The lawsuit was settled out of court.


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