What Happened to the Greek Gods When They Die?

October 11, 2023

If you believe in the greek gods - and I'm sure most of us do - you probably worry about what happens to them when they die. Luckily, the greek gods can't actually die. The ones that do end up dead - like Pan, the god of nature - get forgotten about and fade away. Then Apollo or Artemis can take their place.

But the greek gods can still be hurt or killed. For example, Zeus can blow planes out of the sky if they're flying too close to Mt. Olympus. He can also make the weather turn bad, if he's feeling moody. And, if he's particularly upset with Bernie Sanders, he might even cause some floods or earthquakes.

So, how did the greek gods end up being able to do such horrible things? Well, the greek gods can't really die, because they're immortal. But they can get crippled forever, or chopped into tiny pieces, or they can simply fade away from our lives.

The story begins with the Titans, who are descendants of Gaia and Uranus. Gaia and Uranus had a lot of kids, the first ones being monsters with 100 hands and 50 heads (the Hekatoncheires). Then they had a normal child named Cronus who was so afraid of growing up to be as big and terrible as his father that each time Rhea gave birth he would snatch up the baby and eat it. Eventually, Cronus was able to convince Zeus that he could grow up to be a better god than his father and so he castrated him and threw his severed genitals into the sea (which created Aphrodite, goddess of love). He then bound his father's remaining children, including Atlas, Prometheus' brother, who holds the sky on his shoulders, and the one-eyed Cyclops, in Tartarus (in Hades' realm, as dark and far away from earth as is space from earth). Zeus became the king of the greek gods.


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