What Happened to the Judge Who Broke the Guitar?

March 7, 2023

what happened to the judge who broke the guitar

What happened to the judge who broke the guitar?

The X Factor is the most popular reality show in the world, and it’s made headlines this time because of one particular judge. The concept of this show is incredibly unique and interesting, so viewers from all over the world watch it.

A judge on the show recently went viral after he smashed a contestant’s guitar during a live performance. This smashed guitar incident sparked many questions and has even started a debate about how judges should be treated.

Dmytro Shurov is a Ukrainian singer-songwriter and musician who was a judge on the Ukrainian X Factor during seasons 8 and 9. In April 2021, he smashed a guitar on stage while judging a performer on the show.

He then cried and revealed that the guitar he destroyed was actually a gift from his late father, making this act heartbreaking. The video has since gone viral on social media and a hashtag #fypshi has been trending.

Despite the internet backlash and outrage, Dmytro Shurov has never apologized or made a public statement about the incident. He’s also not known to have apologised privately to his victim, Juri Hancurkan (whose real name is Sergey Pelykh).

Dmytro Shurov, a former X Factor judge in Ukraine, was caught on camera breaking the guitar of a contestant during an episode of the show in April last year. The episode aired months ago, but the video is only now gaining traction on social media. It’s unclear if he was fired from the show or not.


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