What Happened to the Moroccan Girl Mocking Cristiano Ronaldo?

March 22, 2024

During the 2022 World Cup, a video of an 11 year-old moroccan girl mocking Cristiano Ronaldo went viral. The haters jumped on her, vilifying her for her words while completely forgetting she was only a child. She received hate comments and threats, was bullied online, and some even made edits of her with punk Ronaldo photos. Her mother had to take to social media to call for a stop to the hateful videos. Sadly, the girl is still being harassed and has lost weight due to the abuse she has been receiving from fans of her favorite player.

In this gripping contemporary thriller, a successful spy novelist is drawn into a real-life espionage plot on the alluring but deadly streets of Marrakech. When acclaimed writer Kit Carradine is approached by MI6 with a request to slip a passport to Lara Bartok, a dangerous fugitive with international terrorist ties, his eagerness to please is quickly tempered by doubt and fear.

The book takes on a unique aspect of Moroccan culture that is not often discussed, the fact that barren sisters would sometimes give their daughters to their fertile sisters and the girls would grow up knowing nothing of their true lineage. This is a custom called 'Seven Blessings' and it has shaped the lives of many women of this generation. In the book, Sulika is one of these girls and her story is one to be told. She has lost weight, been threatened and abused but she never gave up on her faith and is determined to maintain her untainted commitment to Judaism until the end.


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