What Happened to the Mutants in Logan?

July 29, 2023

In the movie logan we see a future where mutants are extinct and only Logan, Xavier and caliban are left. What happened to all the mutants in that time that made them die off so fast? I am not a comic book reader or know much about the history of the x-men movies but how did they all get wiped out and only Logan, Xavier and Caliban are left on the brink of extinction?

Xavier has been reduced to the point where his degenerative brain disease produces seizures that cause psionic waves of power to erupt from his body, paralyzing anyone within range. He is being fed medication to keep his temper under control, but it also has the side effect of making him forget things. During the hotel scene, he disobeys Logan and forgets to take his medication and unleashes a telepathic onslaught that cripples everyone inside the Reno hotel.

The next day, a young mutant named Laura (Dave Davis) approaches the three and tells them that she is being pursued by scientists working for Transigen. Logan, Xavier and Caliban agree to help her reach Eden, an alternate future version of the United States where all mutants live in peace with humans. The trio drive to Oklahoma City, where a convenience store clerk (Dave Davis) tries to stop Laura from shoplifting a cigar and some chips but she easily flips him over and claws him before he can stop her. Logan finds a video on the girl’s phone that reveals she used to work for Transigen in their genetics department. The video ends with a shot of an old-looking X-Men poster hanging on the wall.


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