What Happened to the Original Raquel on Single Ladies?

July 29, 2023

The Original Raquel Is Now Married!

Denise Vasi is still playing fashion maven Raquel on Vh1’s Single Ladies but she has changed a lot since the show debuted back in 2012. The series is produced by Queen Latifah’s production company Flavor Unit Entertainment for Centric. Vasi recently tied the knot with photographer and director Anthony Mandler.

Keisha and Raquel have remained true to their friendship throughout the years even through some tough situations. They both know that they can lean on each other for support and love. Although they don’t agree with each other at times they are still a solid duo.

In season two Raquel went from a rich and well-connected business woman to a struggling single mother. She had a difficult time adapting to her new life. She had to learn how to balance her home and work life and find a man to love.

Raquel met a handsome Latin man named Charles who became her romantic interest. She dated him casually and was able to keep their relationship private despite her parents disapproval. Raquel thought she found her match and was ready to settle down when her ex popped back into town.

When Raquel learned that her old fiance was still married to another woman she opted for a more passionate kind of love and stayed single. She also started dating a young man named Terrence who helped her with her clothing line Indulgence. Though he may seem like the perfect guy he isn’t always faithful and tends to get distracted by women.


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