What Happened to the Real Gracie From Gracie's Choice?

March 28, 2024

What Happened to the Real Gracie from Gracie’s Choice

In 2004, Kristen Bell made her debut in Lifetime’s movie titled Gracie’s Choice. The movie centered around a young girl whose mother was addicted to drugs and who ended up being arrested and separated from her family. Gracie was determined to keep her family together and she did so by becoming their caretaker. She took on the task of raising her younger half-siblings while going to school and working a part time job. She did all of this while dealing with a difficult relationship with her mother.

At one point, Gracie brings her younger brother Robbie to a convenience store and while waiting for him to get out of the car, another vehicle pulls up close to theirs and a shootout begins. Gracie immediately grabs her brother and pulls him inside the car as bullets fly by the window.

Afterward, the police come to the house and take away the children. Gracie is devastated and tries to convince the officers that her mother does not belong with them, but they tell her it is for their own safety. Eventually, they move the children in with their grandmother (Diane Ladd).

After some time, Gracie receives a letter from Braxton College asking her to enroll. However, she knows that she cannot go to college and take care of her siblings at the same time and she tearfully throws the letter in the trash. Gracie later finds a man at the diner where she works and asks him to help her with her problem. He explains that he is the father of her two younger brothers and he wants to live with them.


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