What Happened to the Roloff Family?

March 17, 2024

The Roloff family has seen a lot of highs and lows since Little People, Big World premiered in 2006. But the reality show’s stars have been dealing with some heartbreaking losses that haven’t been documented on screen. From Matt’s brother to Amy’s dog Felix, there have been a few deaths among the Roloffs that have been difficult for fans to watch.

In addition to the family drama, the future of Roloff Farms has been a major point of contention for the TLC stars. After the divorce from his ex-wife, Matt Roloff took over the property, and he made money by turning part of the home into a short-term rental. He later tried to sell off his portion of the home, but he was unsuccessful.

Despite the hardships, the family has managed to find happiness in their own ways. In Season 25 of the series, Matt announced his engagement to Caryn Chandler. And he also revealed that Zach and Tori were happy for him, but their oldest child, Jeremy, didn’t respond to his good news.

The show’s stars have been keeping busy with their families and careers. And rumors are swirling that some of them will no longer appear on the show moving forward. The rumors were sparked after the cast’s stepson, Connor, recently revealed some Roloff secrets to The U.S. Sun. According to Connor, Zach and Tori don’t want to return for another season because they have found “greater happiness in their lives.” But what about the rest of the family?


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