What Happened to the Roman Soldiers Who Crucified Jesus?

April 2, 2024

What astonished the Roman soldiers who witnessed Jesus’ crucifixion was the deep terror that overwhelmed them. This fear in a seasoned, stalwart centurion and his soldiers was one of the most amazing events of the entire story of the crucifixion.

The New Testament offers limited insight into the fate of the Roman soldiers who crucified jesus. However, what we do know is that their actions during and surrounding the crucifixion were cruel and mocking. In addition, their cynicism and callousness towards Jesus’ death reflected a broader cultural and military culture that dehumanized people who were considered enemies of the state or criminals.

Among their many insults, the soldiers spat on Jesus and called him a king. They also divided His seamless robe and cast lots for it, fulfilling ancient prophecies in the process. The piercing of His side with a spear is another event that stands out. Some modern-day scholars believe that a pulmonary embolism, cardiac rupture, or shock from the crucifixion caused this.

The crucifixion of jesus was unlike any other crucifixion the soldiers had seen before. Their firsthand experience with the crucifixion and supernatural events surrounding it may have transformed their perspectives and led to personal transformation.

Ultimately, it was God’s miraculous work in the heart of this battle-hardened soldier that changed his fear into faith. His profession of faith in the face of jesus’ suffering was one more divine sign to the onlookers. But what was the underlying force that caused this shift to occur?


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