What Happened to the Zombie Woman in Seattle?

July 29, 2023

Ever since TikTok became a phenomenon and dominated the internet, the video-sharing platform has been home to countless weird and wonderful trends. From viral dances to wacky memes, the app has become home to some of the biggest trends on the internet. However, one particular trend took everyone by surprise — the Seattle Zombie Woman.

In May of 2021, a bizarre video emerged online that showed a woman who looked like she was a zombie. The woman could be seen wandering around the streets in a state of disorientation, screaming and limping. She also seemed to be drenched in blood. The video quickly went viral, and people dubbed her the Seattle Zombie Woman. People wondered what was wrong with her, and many theories began to emerge. Some thought she was fleeing from a serial killer, while others believed she was suffering from a mental breakdown.

A few days later, police officers arrived to help the woman. She resisted the officers, but eventually allowed them to help her. The officers escorted her to a hospital for treatment. It was later revealed that the woman was actually a woman named Marilyn Stanley, who was attacked and had her scalp ripped off by a man in 2015.

The mystery surrounding this incident was solved after a few days when Ishea Brown Couch, who goes by the username SixTwentySeven on TikTok, shared an update clearing up the situation. The original clip was removed from the platform, but users saved and shared it on other social media platforms. Some people pointed out that the scene may be part of an upcoming thriller movie called KIMI, which is being shot in Seattle.


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