What Happened To Tim On Barnwood Builders 2021?

July 30, 2023

Tim Rose stole the hearts of many Barnwood Builders fans with his humorous personality and hardworking skills. He appeared on the show for 74 episodes and helped transform historic barns into modern houses. He is a former Air Force aircraft mechanic. Sadly, the man was unable to avoid all of life’s misfortunes and he passed away in 2020. This led to rumors that he died in an accident on the set of the reality show.

He was a regular on the show and had a great rapport with the crew members. He was also a skilled chainsaw operator. However, the accident occurred when he was chiseling some old nails from a barn. The chisel accidentally slipped and went through his finger. The injury was quite severe and he had to be rushed to the hospital. The medical bills were high and the family could not afford them. This led to a massive controversy and fans were worried about the safety of their beloved cast member.

What Happened To Tim On Barnwood Builders 2021

Fortunately, the popular DIY Network series is still on the air and the cast has remained the same for the past decade. Tim has a few keynote speaking engagements and enjoys spending time with his family as well.


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