What Happened to Tim on Texas Metal?

November 23, 2023

What Happened to Tim on Texas Metal

In his short stint on the show, Tim quickly gained a loyal following. His unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of custom car fabrication set him apart from his peers, and he instantly became a fan-favorite. His larger-than-life personality also helped captivate audiences.

While Tim has stepped away from the spotlight, he is still making his mark as a master craftsman. He has a new company that provides CNC machine services, which includes the ability to create unique logos and emblems. He’s also been spotted working on a number of different personal projects.

Heath Moore is another star of the popular series. He has been with the crew at Ekstensive Metal Works since the very first season of the show, and was a vital part of keeping everyone on track throughout each build. He has a website dedicated to handmade car interiors, and also runs his own business. While he hasn’t been seen on the show for quite some time, it’s possible that his health took a turn for the worse and that he may not return to film this season.

Fans of the show are hoping that there will be a season 7 of Texas Metal, and the team at Ekstensive Metal Works seems confident that it will happen. They’ve already begun posting teaser photos on their Instagram page, and have even started working on a few projects for an upcoming episode. They’ve been teasing that a Willys Jeep and a Hellcat will be among the vehicles they’ll work on in this new season.


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