What Happened to Tommy's Face in I See You (DVD)?

March 16, 2024

After he's stabbed in the face during an attempted robbery in Glasgow, Tommy Jarvis (Tom Hanks) develops a condition called Glasgow smile that causes his skin to peel back and expose raw flesh. It's an effect that is reminiscent of the demon from Hereditary, and it's one reason why I See You has risen so quickly to the top of Netflix's trending titles.

The film begins with the disappearance of 10-year-old Justin Whitter, who was riding his bike in a park when he vanished. Police investigate, and they discover a trip wire that could have been used to ensnare the boy. They also find a green pocket knife, which connects Greg Harper (Jon Tenney) to a series of child abductions years earlier.

While the film does a great job of connecting the dots, it's also a psychological thriller that's about a man slowly going mad. As he peels away layer after layer of his own skin, it's hard not to sympathize with the man as his inner turmoil becomes manifested on his face.

This scene goes on for only about ten minutes but holy shit it's so hard to watch. Especially because Tom never asks for help. He's the kind of guy who powered through when he was shot and beaten within an inch of his life, but here he's weak and vulnerable.

It's a great performance from Hanks, and the way he slowly falls apart is so real that it's actually upsetting to watch. This is what happens when you lose a sense of yourself and your identity gets stripped away from you.


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