What Happened to Tonka and Little P?

September 10, 2023

When 33-year-old professional tattoo artist Kris Busching set out to hike with his two dogs Tonka and Little P in Colorado, he did not anticipate the tragic hiking incident that would claim his life. While on the hike, the man attempted to descend a canyon in search of water and lost his footing while trying to pull his dogs to safety. As a result, all three fell from the rock and Kris passed away upon impact. Fortunately, his faithful canines survived the fall and stayed with him until they were found by search and rescue helicopters.

From his vantage point high above, Mark could see the dogs standing vigil next to Kris and hollered for help. He did whatever he could to reach them including setting signal fires and calling for help. When the dogs were found they had sustained serious injuries, but remained at their beloved owner's side throughout the entire ordeal. Mark refused to leave Colorado without the canines and waited until they were stable enough to travel before picking them up from a shelter.

After undergoing extensive medical treatment, Tonka and Little P were adopted by Brandon and Heilea who are making every effort to ensure the canines' happiness in their new home. Despite the tremendous amount of adversity they have endured, Little P continues to show great affection for his brother Tonka, frequently showering him with kisses before each medical procedure. As for Tonka, he has made an amazing recovery from his broken bones and is now fully enjoying life in his new forever home.


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