What Happened to Topper in Outer Banks

July 12, 2023

After the Pogues bury Big John, Sarah is desperate to help her father reach South America. But her plan gets complicated when she runs into Topper at a Kook party and kisses him. Topper wants to press charges against Sarah for assaulting John B, but he eventually backs off when she convinces him that they can still be a couple. However, when he sees Sarah and John B together again he's furious and sets their house on fire.

What Happened to topper in outer banks

Austin North plays Topper Thornton on Outer Banks. He's a wealthy man from the coast who is considered to be part of the elite. He's also very athletic and a nationally ranked surfer. Topper is often portrayed as possessive over Sarah and is very concerned about her relationship with John B. He often gets into fights with them on multiple occasions.

Topper is one of the main characters on the show and he's known for his rich lifestyle, athletic abilities, and frequent attacks against The Pogues. He's a disliked character by the group because of his entitlement and attitude. However, he's also shown to be a loyal friend to the group and often takes care of their needs. He's a key figure in the search for El Dorado and has helped them find several clues throughout the season. He's also been a major part of helping Sarah. This has made him a polarizing character among fans.


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