What Happened to Tory Jones on Treehouse Masters?

August 24, 2023

Treehouse Masters is a reality show hosted by Pete Nelson and airs on Animal Planet. In the show, Pete and his team build beautiful and unique treehouses for their clients. Each treehouse is built in a different natural landscape and aims to complement the surroundings. It is a fun and upbeat show that is very popular amongst the viewers. In the show, Pete’s personality carries the whole show and his team always works hard to make their client’s dream treehouse a reality.

Tory Jones is an Interior Designer and Film & Television Production Designer who is well known for her work on the Animal Planet’s hit reality television series, Treehouse Master’s. She was the show’s on-camera interior designer and a fan favourite. However, Tory disappeared from the show in 2017 and fans are curious as to what happened to her.

Luckily, there are a number of online resources that can help you find out what happened to Tory on Treehouse Master’s. PeekYou, for example, is a free people-focused search engine that uncovers information typically buried by other search engines. It also provides easy access to an individual’s social media and other public websites.

While Tory’s disappearance from the show is unfortunate, her career is thriving. She is a very private person and does not often post on her social media accounts, but it is safe to assume that she is still working on exciting projects. Regardless, Tory is still an incredible interior designer and her absence from the show has not hindered her work or reputation in the least.


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