What Happened to Tory Jones?

July 29, 2023

The popular reality TV show Treehouse Masters is a testament to Pete Nelson’s expertise in building full-scale houses suspended mid-air. The show features him and his team as they design and build mind-blowing treehouses for clients all over the country. The show has made many people change their views on what living a “tiny” life means. Pete Nelson has also opened up a whole new world for those interested in erecting gravity-defying treehouses.

While the show is a great success, not all of the cast members have stayed with the show. Tory Jones, who was a beloved member of the crew, stopped appearing on episodes of the show in 2017. She has never given any reason for her exit from the show but it is clear that fans were sad to see her go.

Despite the fact that her personal life is private and not open to the public, it seems like she has found a happy place in her life. She is a film and television production designer as well as an interior designer for her clients worldwide. She has worked on commercials, music videos and large-scale television specials for media personalities such as Cher, Tony Bennett, and Barry Manilow.

While Pete’s personality carries the show, Tory was a wonderful addition to the crew and always kept her cool under pressure. Her dedication to her work and her impeccable design sense left a lasting impact on the show and the viewers.


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