What Happened to Trenton Thornton?

July 12, 2023

Trenton thornton is a former marine who has been charged with murder inside the death of Patrick Edwards within a road-rage incident in Mobile, Alabama in February 2020. He was serving two tours overseas in the Marines before he was honorably discharged.

He hit Edwards’ car then got away from the scene. Edwards followed him and eventually caught up to him. During this time, Edwards called 911. The call was recorded and showed that he said he had a “really bad day” and that he was going to fight Thornton off the road. Eventually, they get to Gulf Field Drive East and Central Drive where Edwards gets out of his car and confronted Thornton. That’s when police say he was shot and killed by Thornton.

The trial ended with a mistrial on the murder charge, but he was still sentenced to 10 years behind bars for his other crimes of leaving the scene and shooting into an occupied vehicle. He will have to serve at least 2 years of that prison term.

Some people believed in him and took his side saying he was wronged in the incident but others believe that he did kill him. His lawyer Chase Dearman says he will appeal this decision and that the case isn’t over yet. He claims that he was following the law in which it’s perfectly legal to defend yourself with deadly physical force. It was also a defense under the stand your ground law, which says that you can use deadly force on the spot if you feel it’s necessary to protect yourself or someone else.


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