What Happened to Trevor on Trailer Park Boys?

August 24, 2023

While the show had a lot of different characters, Cory and Trevor were two of the series’ mainstays. The pair were often seen together, plotting bumbling schemes of petty crime that usually resulted in comic mishaps and misadventures. However, by the end of the seventh season fans realized that the two were no longer around and had left the trailer park for good. The series never explained why they left, but the actors behind the characters did open up about their decision to leave.

Michael Jackson, who portrayed Trevor on the show, has since moved on to other projects in the entertainment industry. He is a writer and actor, as well as a musician, performing under the stage name Mike Smith. He has also been a crew member on various film and television productions. Jackson’s departure from Trailer Park Boys was reportedly due to a number of issues including low pay and working conditions on set.

In his absence, fans have speculated about what happened to trevor on trailer park boys. The recurring character is one of the most popular in the show and was beloved by many viewers. His character was a co-dependent follower of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles and willing to go to extreme lengths to be accepted by them. He is also a drunk who has been known to urinate in jugs and rip out the plumbing of his trailer in order to get alcohol.

His other defining characteristics include being a man-child and being unable to stand up for himself. Despite his plight he is a kind and loving person who will do whatever it takes to help those close to him.


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