What Happened to TSM Myth?

July 12, 2023

Myth is a gamer who rose to fame on the platform Twitch by becoming one of the best builders in the world. His channel has more than 7 million subscribers. He has also made his presence felt on YouTube where he posts gaming videos. He has even collaborated with well-known brands like Chipotle.

He was born as Ali Kabbani in Dearborn, Michigan on 24 May 1999. He is half Syrian and half African-American. He has a sister and an older brother who are both his step siblings. His childhood was not easy, but he managed to make the most out of it by playing video games. He started streaming on Twitch at the age of 14 and began earning popularity. He streamed the game Paragon and then moved to Fortnite, which is now his main focus.

In 2018, Myth joined esports organization Team SoloMid and played Fortnite and Valorant professionally for the team. His Twitch channel grew to over three million subscribers and he was the favored player in tournaments.

In a recent video, Myth announced that he will not be re-signing his contract with TSM in 2022. He said he didn’t feel that he was being used efficiently by the team and lacked that family feel that initially attracted him to TSM. He plans to continue working on his game and explore different types of content. He has already started creating variety streams on YouTube and TikTok. His YouTube channel has more than 4 million subscribers and he posts gaming videos daily.


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