What Happened to Tuna in Blow?

March 7, 2023

what happened to tuna in blow

What Happened to Tuna in Blow?

The 2001 movie, blow, stars Ethan Suplee as George Jung’s drug-dealing partner, Tuna. There is little to no information about what happened to him after the film.

In the film, George and Tuna live in Los Angeles where they meet Barbara, a flight attendant who introduces them to Derek Foreal, a marijuana dealer. With Derek’s help, they make a lot of money and then go to prison for two years.

George Jung is released and moves back to his hometown. He reunites with Tuna and tries to get him involved in a new coke deal. Unfortunately, Tuna is not interested in the project.

He goes on to start his own business selling weed in Boston. Eventually, he gets caught trying to import 660 pounds of marijuana and is sentenced to two years in jail.

Despite this, he teaches his daughter Kristina how to smoke and eat weed before she gets old enough to do so on her own. She’s also shown how to handle a knife and gun in case she has to defend herself.

While the film is a good look at the drug world and the effects it has on families, there are some glaring issues. The film, despite another excellent performance from Johnny Depp, rehashes a number of classics like ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘Boogie Nights’. It also has a rather flimsy anti-drug message. It also has mawkish lashings of sentimentalism towards the end.


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