What Happened to Ugly God?

March 29, 2024

A lot has happened to ugly god in the last couple of days. The rapper is reportedly accused of murdering his best friend’s father in Mississippi back in June. The man’s family claims that ugly god (real name Royce Cornell Davison-Rodriguez) shot and killed the victim, 51-year-old Renaldo Delavallade, inside his vehicle. The victim’s sister Tishia Delavallade has posted multiple TikToks in which she asserts that ugly god is responsible for the fatal encounter and says that he won’t be prosecuted due to his connections because he “bragged” about killing her brother on social media.

Ugly God addressed the allegations on X, formerly Twitter, in two posts. He asked to get in touch with “gillie da kid” and Wallo 267 of the popular Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast for the facts of the case.


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