What Happened to Vet Ranch on YouTube?

September 8, 2023

Matt Carriker is a 32-year-old veterinarian and internet celebrity. He has created three YouTube channels named “Demolition Ranch”, “Vet Ranch” and “OffTheRanch.” His videos have gathered more than 11 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views on the video-sharing platform. He also owns a family vet clinic and a shelter for animals.

He grew up in Fredericksburg, Texas, United States. He earned a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine and has a veterinary license. He is a dedicated vet and dedicates 30 hours each week at his clinic. He has worked as a vet for almost 10 years. His videos have garnered a huge following online and has received silver and gold play buttons.

While he has many followers on his various channels, it is his third channel that he is most known for. It is called Vet Ranch and is focused on animal welfare cases. He specializes in the rescue of animals that are set for euthanasia. He and his crew bring the animals to his clinic, care for them and then find them a new home.

He was inspired to start this channel after rescuing a stray dog who was hit by a car. It was set to be euthanized, but he saw a spark of life in her and decided to give her a chance. He took the animal into his clinic and filmed the entire process, including how she was treated and how she recovered. He later uploaded the footage to his YouTube channel, and it became a hit.


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