What Happened to Vivek Son?

July 29, 2023

Vivek Son

Actor Vivek’s only son Prasanna passed away today afternoon. He was only 13. He fought against brain fever for quite a long time. He was a very talented young boy who could sing well too. He also scripted for a few films and acted in some Tamil movies. We all express our heartfelt condolences to the family for this irreplaceable loss. May his soul rest in peace.

Throughout the season, Vivek develops a close bond with Zoey and Nomi and often hangs out with them. He is the most stoic and intelligent member of their group. He is the child of immigrants and his father came to America for a better life, got a job as a cab driver and raised his children well.

Vivek is obsessed with his looks and tries to look as good as possible. He even tries to copy his father’s shaved head look. In addition, he gets into trouble with the police for selling drugs to underage people.

In the second season, Vivek struggles to get laid and becomes more desperate. He tries to find someone on dating websites but fails miserably. He also starts to brag about getting girls but eventually proves to his friends that he is not gay after a threesome with Heidi and a guy.

He then becomes involved with the richest kid at Cal U, Balty Winthrop and begins to sell him coke. This causes a rift with the group until Nomi educates them about what he’s doing. Vivek soon learns his lesson and quits dealing.


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