What Happened to Vol'jin?

August 23, 2023

Know Your Lore: Vol'jin

In the years following Cataclysm, Vol'jin has found himself on a tight rope, balancing his role as leader of the Darkspear tribe and heir apparent to the Horde — a tribe that has turned against him in a tidal wave of rage. The orcs he leads have suffered more than they can bear under Hellscream’s leadership, and it is up to Vol'jin to make things right.

Vol'jin’s balancing act has taken him far from home in the past several years. The Warchief has made him a pariah in his own home, and Vol'jin has been torn between his loyalty to the Horde and his oath to his tribe.

During this time, he also lost his son to the sea witch. In an effort to survive, the Darkspear tribe migrated to Pandaria, and Vol'jin was sent to lead their new homeland of Durotar.

Unconscious and drifting down a river, Vol'jin was found by some pandaren cubs who hastily informed Chen Stormstout of the creature they saw. Aghast at his old friend’s state, Chen rushed Vol'jin to Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit and then to the Shado-Pan Monastery. There, Vol'jin awoke to find that he was not alone in recovery – a human hunter named Tyrathan Khort was slated to heal at the same time.

Vol'jin has a long way to go to regain the trust of his people and the respect of the Horde. His wounds have not healed completely, and he still struggles to reconcile his relationship with the loa. Nevertheless, he has vowed to keep his people prosperous, even if it means forfeiting his own happiness and wishes.


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