What Happened to Walker on Yellowstone Season 2

August 23, 2023

What Happened to Walker on Yellowstone Season 2

Last week's episode of Yellowstone saw Walker (Ryan Bingham) make a surprise return. Previously, the cowboy was supposed to lose his life in a dramatic twist that Jamie (Luke Grimes) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) set up to go down in "Blood The Boy." Luckily for Walker, he's alive and well. Now, it's a question of what happens to him moving forward.

It's no secret that Walker and Rip have a tense relationship. Walker is an ex-convict who was given a second chance at the Dutton Ranch and quickly becomes a shady character. His past as a felon and his refusal to participate in some of the ranch hands' activities lead to rifts between him and Rip. The latest episode of the Paramount series also revealed that Rip was actually planning to kill Walker when he arrived back at the ranch in season one.

In a season three preview, it's clear that the pair are on a collision course. During the clip, Rip informs Walker that he's going to take him to the train station. While some fans believe this is a euphemism for dropping him off the edge of the cliff, others think that Rip is simply threatening to kill him.

Regardless, Ryan Bingham's return to the series is sure to have fans excited. The actor is a talented country and Americana singer-songwriter who grew up on his family's ranch in New Mexico, where he roped and rode bulls. According to an article on the show's official website, Bingham approached writer Taylor Sheridan about a potential role on Yellowstone after connecting over their shared love of horses.


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