What Happened to Warden Cummings Wife?

July 30, 2023

TEMPLE, Texas (AP) -- A Texas game warden featured in Animal Planet's reality show "Lone Star Law" died Thursday night from complications of COVID-19 at a hospital in Temple. Officials say Sgt. Special Investigator Chris Wilson served for 16 years with the state's parks and wildlife department, first in San Saba County then Bell County. He started appearing on the Animal Planet show in 2016.

What Happened to Warden Cummings Wife

Amber says her husband was obsessed with Nazi paraphernalia and had fantasies about slicing people's flesh, burning their bodies, and peeling their skin off. She says he also wanted to build a torture chamber in their home. She says she tried to stop him but he was always coming up with new ideas and getting more violent.

She feared for her life and the safety of her daughter, so she left them behind in California when she was 5. They traveled around in a motor home until they settled in Belfast at Amber's request. They lived in an older house that Amber spent a lot of time remodeling and painting to her husband's exacting specifications.

James Cummings has four daughters and he's taking good care of them as a single father. However, his children's id and different explicit details are obscure within the media for now.


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