What Happened to Wyrmstooth?

August 24, 2023

The East Empire Company commissions the Dragonborn to slay a large dragon stirring up trouble across Skyrim. Across new landscapes and through new dungeons the Dragonborn will battle the dragon while discovering its sinister motives.

This expansion adds a full new questline, new characters and a massive amount of content to the game. We caught up with the mod author Jonx0r to learn about the development of this expansive mod, and how he dealt with the challenge of creating such a huge new adventure for Skyrim.

What happened to wyrmstooth

In the last update, we fixed several bug fixes. - Some objects on the island had incorrect LOD textures. - Lurius no longer snarls when arriving at Wyrmstooth Barrow Temple. - Several follower comment triggers around the island were added. - Some areas of the refectory in Dimfrost were expanded. - A few places where the player could get stuck were corrected. - The refectory now has a unique faction. - You can now fast travel to Wyrmstooth from the Bannered Mare.

What's coming in the next release?

The next update will focus on fine-tuning the experience. We'll be fixing some minor bugs as well as adding a bit of new dialogue for Lurius and Shargam. We're also looking into the possibility of adding a few more unique NPCs and some music to the refectory in Dimfrost. We'll continue working on the UI and the quest progression system as we move forward. We hope to release the next update in a few days.


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