What Happened to Zac Efron?

March 20, 2024

When Zac Efron first appeared in public with a noticeably different face shape, he set the internet abuzz. The actor, who had become a teen heartthrob thanks to his work in High School Musical and Baywatch, was suddenly sporting a larger chin and jawline. The change was so dramatic that it spurred rumors that he had had plastic surgery to alter his appearance. The 34-year-old actor was recently spotted promoting his new film The Iron Claw alongside Jeremy Allen White, and fans were shocked at how different he looked.

In a 2022 interview with Men’s Health, Efron addressed the rumors that he had undergone cosmetic surgery to change his appearance. He explained that his new look was a result of an injury to his face and jaw. Efron said that he had slipped over at his home and slammed his chin into a granite fountain. He passed out after the incident and woke up to find his chin bone hanging off of his face. The injury required extensive physical therapy to repair. As he underwent physical therapy, he noticed that the muscles in his face were working harder than usual. As a result, the masseter muscles in his jaw grew to overcompensate for the other muscles that were still weak from the injury.

He went on to explain that the enlarged masseter muscles caused his face to take on a more square-shaped appearance. He said that the injury also affected his ability to chew properly, which could have contributed to the noticeable changes in his face.


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