What Happened to Zach Bryan's Dad?

March 15, 2024

Zach Bryan has made a remarkable impression on country music, and his fan base is growing at an exponential rate. His unique approach to music and his humble, hard-working attitude have helped him create a huge connection with fans. While the rising star has a lot going for him, he’s also been through some major setbacks and struggles over the years. Whether it was his motorcycle accident or run-ins with the law, there’s no doubt that this has helped shape the singer’s sonic and personal identity.

Despite all of his setbacks, Zach has managed to keep a steady footing and continue moving forward. He’s become a staple on the Grand Ole Opry and signed a major record deal with Warner Records in 2021. He’s also been in a couple of successful relationships and has even found time to serve as an active duty Marine.

When you look at the history of Zach, it’s no surprise that he would end up in the Navy. His father Dewayne and his late mother Annette both served in the armed forces. The “Heading South” singer was born in Japan during a Navy deployment, but spent the majority of his youth in his home state of Oklahoma.

In fact, the rising country star has a special bond with his native state, regularly referencing it in his songs and promoting local events like the Oklahoma Smokeshow block party. The man who knows him better than anyone, his dad Dewayne, joined News On 6 to talk about Zach’s success and upcoming show at the BOK Center this weekend.


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