What Happened to Zeke on Bering Sea Gold?

September 10, 2023

Ezekiel “Zeke” Tenhoff is a star on the Discovery Channel reality show Bering Sea Gold where he and his team work hard to dig for gold. Although he only started in the series at its first season in 2012, Zeke’s hard work has helped him to achieve success both professionally and personally. He seems to have a 6th sense for the ocean’s floor and is not afraid to take risks. This has led to him becoming a popular figure with the audience.

Throughout the seasons of the show, he has achieved average financial results from his dredging expeditions. He owns two vessels, The Clark and The Edge along with a dredging company named BottomZ Up. Zeke has also appeared on a couple of spin-off shows.

He is a self-made man and has a strong independence streak that has enabled him to survive the tough Alaskan environment. He is a homeschooled individual with a classic off-the-grid upbringing and is well adept at handling the mercurial weather of Nome. Zeke is a very competitive person and his ability to prospect, dive, and innovate has allowed him to thrive in this industry.

He has a few ex-girlfriends but his most recent relationship has been with Alexis Alamillo. The pair became engaged on May 14 and has shared their happiness on social media. He tends to keep his personal life private but fans have been sending their wishes and congratulations for the happy couple.


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