What Happened to Zoro's Eye?

March 31, 2024

Ever since One Piece returned from its timeskip, fans have been obsessed with the many mysteries and possibilities that lie in the vast world of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, few have captivated the community like the mystery of what happened to zoro’s eye. From speculation to memes, there are countless theories on why the Straw Hat Swordsman has his left eye scarred and shut. But what does this actually mean?

While there are a variety of different fan theories on why Zoro has his eye closed, the most common is that it’s a form of training or a way to challenge himself. Many believe that Mihawk taught him this during their duel and that he was instructed to keep it closed until his right eye was properly trained. This would make sense given Mihawk’s epithet of “Hawk Eye.”

The other theory on why he had his eye closed is that it was a result of an injury from a enemy or even the result of his timeskip training with Hawkeye. This would have allowed him to gain an advantage in his swordsmanship, especially with his observation haki abilities.

This would also be consistent with Oda’s original intent for the story, as he wanted to represent pirates with eye patches. Regardless of what caused the loss of his eye, it still remains a symbol of his dedication and commitment to his crew and the dream of becoming the world’s greatest swordsman.


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