What Happened With Kirk Franklin Son?

July 30, 2023

Kerrion Franklin, the son of Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin, is currently being held without bail after he was arrested on Sunday. Kerrion was arrested for allegedly driving a car that belonged to a missing woman who is presumed dead. Police reportedly discovered a gun inside the vehicle, which Kerrion claims didn’t belong to him. The star of Zeus TV’s Bad Boys: Los Angeles is expected to be extradited back to his home state of Texas once he gets out of jail.

Kirk Franklin has been trying to repair his relationship with his son ever since Kerrion shared an audio clip of a heated argument with him on social media in March 2021. In the now-deleted post, Kerrion claimed that his father tried to kill him. Afterward, Kirk responded to the audio in a public apology video.

Kerrion has been dealing with a lot of legal troubles over the past year and now his estranged relationship with his father is being brought into the spotlight again. The “Bad Boys” star has been dealing with mental health issues and his arrest could potentially make things even more difficult for him.

Fortunately, Kerrion’s mother and father have stepped up to help him get out of his current legal situation. The Gospel singer recently opened up about his relationship with his son and what he plans to do to get him back on track. In the interview, he also discussed his song with Lil Baby, new music with Mustard and more. Check it out below!


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