What Happened With Ryan Andreas and Whitney Way Thore?

July 30, 2023

While everyone else was stocking up on masks, hand sanitizer, and hiding out during the coronavirus pandemic, MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE star Whitney Way Thore dealt with something much more personal. Her fiance Chase Severino cheated on her and got another woman pregnant with his baby. It was heartbreaking for Whitney and she seemed to have a hard time forgiving him even after he admitted his wrongdoing. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Whitney’s friend and business partner Ryan Andreas was in the middle of all the drama and ended their friendship. Now, some fans believe that Ryan is throwing shade at Whitney’s fitness business.

Ryan and Whitney met on a dating app and although they didn’t have romantic chemistry, they decided to stay friends. They started No BS Active together where Ryan would design 20-minute workouts and Whitney would film them. The business became very successful, and they grew their viewership and launched an app for their business.

The pair worked together for about a year before their business partnership ended, and they both moved on to other projects. But it seems like Whitney and Ryan’s rift may have gotten worse.

During an appearance on the show, Ryan asked Whitney if she thinks that people will hire her as a trainer if she isn’t physically fit. Some fans feel that Ryan was trying to make it seem as if Whitney isn’t qualified to be a personal trainer because of her weight. Others argue that it doesn’t matter if you have a fit physique because you can still be knowledgeable and help people reach their fitness goals.


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