What Happens If You Put Blonde Dye on Red Hair?

February 11, 2023

what happens if you put blonde dye on red hair

What happens if you put blonde dye on red hair?

When you put light brown or blonde dye on your red hair, the ash tones cancel out some of the red pigments. This can result in your red hair being a little bit darker than it was before you applied the color.

You can also use ash-blonde hair dye on your red locks to counteract the brassiness caused by insufficient bleaching. This will give you a cooler blonde hue, and it’s easy to do at home with a mix of dark ash blonde hair color and 10% hydrogen peroxide.

To get the best results, you need to be patient and take good care of your hair during the process. Using deep conditioners and a nourishing mask can help save your strands from the harsh effects of bleaching.

Getting your hair to the right color is hard work!

You may have to bleach your hair several times before you reach the blonde hue you want. This can be painful and damaging, so it’s important to treat your strands with care before you start any hair coloring treatments.

The best way to get the shade you want is by going to a professional stylist. They will be able to determine what color works for your skin tone and hair type.

Another option is to try a color remover, which can lift your base shade without bleaching. This is a professional treatment that can lift your base color between one and two levels in most cases.


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