What Happens to Noa in Pachinko?

July 29, 2023

What Happens to Noa in Pachinko?

The main story in the web adaptation of Min Jin Lee's 2017 novel is the family arc, and while the show has taken some creative liberties, it still stays true to the book when it comes to the family's future.

Hansu secretly helps pay Noa's tuition throughout college, much to the dismay of Sunja who feels he is betraying her and her eldest son. When Noa's college girlfriend points out the striking resemblance between them, Noa realizes that Hansu is his father and is devastated. He drops out of Waseda, relocates to Nagano, and begins a new life under a false name, passing himself as Japanese. He works as a bookkeeper for a racist pachinko parlor owner, marries, and has children. After sixteen years, Hansu tracks him down and reunites him with Sunja. He promises to keep in touch, but Noa commits suicide shortly after.

The entire family is left reeling from this event. Mozasu is unable to cope with the loss and takes a job at the local pachinko parlor as well. He and Noa share a deep bond and they spend their time together. The two work at the same pachinko shop and often compete in games of chance. It is this relationship that is the heart of the series and is expected to be explored further in season 2.


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