What Has Happened to the New Larry's Country Diner?

March 19, 2024

BELLEVUE, Tenn. — The popular television show “Larry’s Country Diner” is coming to the stage in Branson.

The down-home variety show debuted in 2009, featuring a cast of characters including Larry Black and Keith Bilbrey on a set that looked like a real country diner, complete with booths and a kitchen. The country music stars that took to the stage for musical performances and stories with the cast were a major draw. Musicians from bluegrass, traditional country, and gospel sat down in the diner and treated audiences to their talent and personalities.

While the country music acts were the main attraction, there was also a regular cast of characters that kept audiences laughing throughout each episode. Sheriff Jimmy Capps and Nadine were two of the most beloved members of the cast. Nadine, played by Mona Brown, started her career as a shtick in her local church. Her character combines faith and humor, and her presence on the show adds charm and a feel-good element to each episode.

Other cast members include the ever-so-popular Renea the waitress and a new special guest every week. Guests have included Joey and Rory, The Hot Club of Cowtown, Dailey and Vincent, Exile, and many more. The cast brings to the stage a mix of music, comedy, and down-home hospitality that makes it one of the best shows in town.


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