What Is a Nose Splint?

February 10, 2023

what is a nose splint

What Is a Nose Splint?

After rhinoplasty, plastic surgeons often use a splint to help maintain the new shape of your nose during the healing process. This splint prevents nasal bones from moving out of their new positions and helps to minimize swelling.

There are two types of nose splints: external and internal. Your doctor will decide which type is right for your specific situation, but both work to support and protect your nose.

What to Expect After Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty Surgery

A nose splint is not a permanent solution, but it does provide some protection and support during the healing process. Your plastic surgeon will tell you how long to leave your splints in place after surgery, and you may also be given instructions on how to care for them.

Your nose needs time to heal after rhinoplasty and septoplasty, so you might need to wear your splints for a couple of weeks. You can apply a cold pack to your nose to ease swelling and relieve any pain.

If you have a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, they may recommend using saline nasal spray to help you breathe through your nose while the splints are in place. This can be very helpful, as it helps to wash away any dried blood or mucus that may collect on the splints.

How to Keep Your Nose Safe During Recovery

When you go home from the hospital, you’ll be in a room with a staff member who will monitor your recovery. You might be allowed to get out of bed a day or two after your rhinoplasty or septoplasty procedure, but you’ll need to keep your head elevated to reduce swelling and bleeding. Your head and neck doctors in Los Angeles will give you specific instructions for caring for your splints.


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